Holmes & Watson Is So Bad Netflix Refused To Buy It

by : Lucy Connolly on : 29 Dec 2018 16:58
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Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve shown up to work and just wished you hadn’t, because everything that could possibly go wrong does?


Well, it seems as though everyone involved in the making of Holmes & Watson is currently having one of those days (or years), because the film has not been well received. At all.

And now it’s come to light the film is actually so bad, Netflix passed up on the opportunity to buy it, deeming it not worthy enough.

You can check out the trailer for it below:


In the Sherlock Holmes spoof, comedy duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly come together again, with many hoping their new project would be just as hilarious as their much-loved 2008 film, Step Brothers.

But oh, how wrong they were. While Ferrell takes on the role of the famous detective, Reilly plays his loyal companion, Dr. John Watson. Which doesn’t sound too bad, until you take a look at the reviews.

Up until two days ago (December 27), the film had received a rare zero per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning not a single film critic had granted the movie a positive review. Yikes.

Now, at time of writing (December 29), this percentage has risen to nine per cent. Out of the 46 reviews which have been aggregated on the website, just four rated Holmes & Watson as being ‘fresh’, while the other 42 agreed it was ‘rotten’.

Which perhaps explains why Netflix refused to buy the film when they were given the opportunity to do so, as reported by Deadline. Sony are said to have tried to unload Holmes & Watson to the streaming giant before its release.

This was reportedly due to the test scores for the film being so bad, Sony didn’t want a flop on their hands – an offer Netflix could apparently refuse!

holmes & watsonholmes & watsonColumbia Pictures Corporation

As a result, Deadline reports Sony did ‘the best that it could do with it’ and sold down its share on the film, with Mimran Schur Pictures taking a minority stake.

All in all, it’s not looking great for Sony as Holmes & Watson cost $42 million to make and doesn’t look like it’s going to make its money back, with The Verge reporting it’s made just $9 million in its opening week.

Despite not seeing the film yet, I only have to take a look online to see people are not happy with it. Some have even walked out of the cinema halfway through watching it.

One person wrote:

#HolmesAndWatson was the farthest slide from comedy I’ve had the unpleasant opportunity to view. Tragic end to a comedic era. [sic]

While another described it as an ‘absolute disaster’, tweeting:

@HolmesAndWatson is an absolute disaster. Had to wake up 3 other family members 40 minutes in just to walk out. [sic]

Possibly overtakes Ishtar as worse movie of all time! Don’t waste your $ or time! #HolmesandWatson [sic]

And another shared their disgust:

I should have waited before putting up the worst films of the year because #HolmesAndWatson was one epic pile of cinematic disgrace and an insult to the legacy of Sherlock Holmes.


Yikes. It says something when I can’t find a single positive word to be said about it after scrolling solidly through Twitter for five minutes…

Holmes & Watson is currently in cinemas now.

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