Homeless Hero From Manchester Attacks Reunited With Mum


The ‘homeless hero’ who helped save victims lives in the Manchester arena terror attack has now been reunited with his mum. 

Legendary Chris Parker put his own life at risk to help save others, after the devastating suicide bomber attack after the Ariana Grande concert last week.

His mum, Jessica Parker, didn’t realise her son was sleeping on the streets, until she saw TV footage of him being interviewed and dubbed as a ‘hero’, after the horrific incident.

Touched by his huge act of courage and shocked to see him homeless – after having had no contact with him for five years – Jessica got in touch with the Manchester Evening News, in the hope of being reunited with her son.

On Friday – her wish came true – as she was brought back in touch with the 33-year-old in an emotional reunion.

She told the paper:

We were having a chat and he got quite emotional.

I said ‘Do you want me to come up?’ and he said ‘Yes, I do. I need you mum.’


She explained how Chris has been hugely affected by what he saw at the arena and feels overwhelmed by the support and love he’s been shown in the aftermath.

She explained:

It was hard to put into words how it was.

He just gave me the biggest hug and said ‘I’m glad you’re here mum’.

I said ‘I wanted to come up and see you and make sure you are all right.’

There was a lot of emotion. He needed to talk it through, to tell me how he felt. He got very emotional when he was talking.


Jessica and her long lost son met at a hotel on Friday and took a walk through the city as they reacquainted themselves with each other.

She added:

We went down to St Ann’s Square – it’s a beautiful place at the moment.

He said ‘I come here every morning and evening, mum.’

Jessica – who is now based in Norfolk – said she saw him again on Saturday before she left and has plans to see him again this weekend.

Since the news broke Chris had gone into the arena and cradled a dying woman, a Crowdfunder has been set up to give him a better life – raising over £50,000 in total.

 Jessica said:

I just want to thank everybody for their kindness and support, and the very kind messages that people have sent me and sent Chris.


Among all the tragedy and horrors of last week’s atrocities which claimed the lives of 22 people, it’s fantastic a local hero has been reunited with his mum.

It’s good to know that at least one thing has come about amid the destruction and appalling loss of life.

To donate to Chris’s cause, visit the GoFundMe page.