Homeless Man, 21, To Be Kicked Out Of His Handmade Hobbit House


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Unfortunately, this particular hobbit won’t be living there much longer.

A creative homeless man who built his own Lord of the Rings inspired Hobbit home has been informed he will soon be turfed out because he doesn’t have planning permission.

Chaz Johnson, 21, built the impressive shelter from wood, mud and other natural materials in the Essex woodland after he was kicked out by his ex girlfriend and had nowhere else to go.

The Forestry Commission say the dwelling is on private land, so Chaz has no right to be there.

ITV Anglia

Chaz built the hut six months ago because he didn’t want to burden his friends by crashing on their couches, and he’s now working two jobs in order to try and save up enough cash for a deposit on a flat of his own.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said:

Everyone seems to really like it, but I try not to even be there too much. When I lost the flat I was living in, I didn’t want to keep staying with my friends and bothering them and I thought if I built somewhere it would give me somewhere to go if it was raining. I would be happy to leave if they wanted me to, as long as they don’t destroy it completely. I have even had groups from primary schools coming to look at it.

Chaz was due to be kicked out of his home today but, mere hours before they were due to arrive, the Forestry Commission had a change of heart.

He’s still set to be evicted but the commission say they will help him to find a new place to live, before he’s turfed out, so at least some good came from this story. Plus, I hear Isengard is lovely this time of year…