Homeless Man Builds Incredible Secret Home Under Train Station


When life gave this guy lemons, he made some pretty exceptional lemonade.

Carlos, a homeless man living in New York, managed to forge an incredible home out of a disused service tunnel underneath a busy train station. And it’s pretty remarkable.

For a man who may not seem to have much, his possessions inside the miniature home are a radio, a coffee machine, a gas cooker – and even a fridge.

More than 1.7 million people have seen the clip of Carlos showing a cameraman around his mini abode since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, although the footage has recently been circulating again on Reddit.

Entrance to the cosy bunker means dropping down through a manhole covered by a large piece of plywood. Once inside, Carlos proceeds to show off his bunker – complete with electricity.

He says:

[When I first arrived] I didn’t like it, it was too dirty. I had to paint it.

I had to do a little janitorial work.


As for the ear-splitting noise of the train above, it doesn’t bother him. He said: “The noise of the train doesn’t bother me, I just close the door and it is fine.”

Whether or not he’s still living there is unknown, but he definitely made a kickass house.