Homeless Man Goes Into Bar Looking For Work, Act Of Kindness Changes His Life

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The festive season is officially upon us and this story of how a simple act of kindness from a stranger helped change a homeless man’s life, is bound to fill you with Christmas cheer.


The Mirror Online reports how bar manager Louie Cooper embodied that Xmas spirit of goodwill to all men, as his act of generosity helped turned the unfortunate guy’s life around.

Louie, 22, who manages Five Bar & Kitchen in Huddersfield, selflessly helped out the homeless man who walked into the bar looking for a job.

Although Louie had no shifts to offer the man in his bar, he generously took him to a local charity shop to buy him a suit, as well as helping him out with the money he owed to his former landlord.

Huddersfield Examiner

Speaking to the Huddersfield Examiner, Louie said:

This man called Omar walked into the bar asking about a job. He was really desperate for anything even though we didn’t have any shifts going. I felt a bit sorry for him. I told him he’d find it difficult to find a job if he wasn’t dressed smart, so I took him to a charity shop.

Omar told Louie everything had “fallen apart” after he was attacked and his takeaway business had gone out of business, leaving him without a home.

In great news, however, the visit to the local Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice shop to get Omar suited and booted did the trick, as the next day he returned to the bar and told Louie he’d found a job at a nearby takeaway and been offered another interview at a bar in town.

Huddersfield Examiner

Louie added:

It was all because he had gone in dressed in a suit. He thanked me loads. It wasn’t much to me but I’d really helped him out. I was totally shocked but so glad I could help. I only spent about £50 but it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

I just think it’s important to help others. If this can inspire someone else to give a few minutes of their time to others then that’s great.

It’s a great reminder of the amazing effect small acts of kindness can have, especially as Christmas draws near. More stories like this, please!

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    Homeless man goes into bar looking for work and a simple act of kindness changes his life