Homeless Man’s Dog Stolen By Activists Will Be Returned To Him


Cast your minds back a couple of weeks.

Remember the homeless guy from France, who saw his dog stolen from him by three people claiming to be animal rights activists? You know, the video that went viral, caused a shit load of outrage and really upset people?

Yeah, well the guy is set to get his dog back according to Imgur, after it was ruled he legally owned the dog.


It turns out that the ‘activists’ from Cause Animal Nord, or thieves as they’re probably better suited to being called, had no right to take the dog away from the man. Imagine that.

They will now face charges of theft and assault, which is quite possibly the best news you will hear all weekend.

The organisation’s president was one of the three who stole the dog, and despite claiming said dog was drugged and mistreated, authorities found no evidence of this, and are happy to reunited the dog and his owner.