Homeless Piano Player Who Took Internet By Storm Gets Chance At New Life

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Cast your minds back a few weeks to the homeless man that got everyone talking. You know, the one who had mad skills on the piano and had fallen on hard times?

Yeah, well the story didn’t stop with him taking the internet by storm. Oh, no.

The former Marine Corps vet has now been given a makeover and the chance to turn his life around.


Not only has Donald Gould been given a scholarship to finish his music degree, he has also reconnected with his son, a massive 15 years after becoming estranged, when his wife committed suicide and his son was taken into care after he succumbed to various drug and alcohol addictions.

His son Donny, who is now 18, claimed:

It was very weird for me to see that face for the very first time.

I thought [his music] was very beautiful. I want to just help him clean his act up.

Gould has entered rehab since speaking to his son and his optimistic that he will say clean and sober and be able to put his life back together and build a relationship with his son.