Homeless Puppy Saved From Being Put Down Makes Amazing Recovery

doggy1Vet Ranch

One homeless puppy that was saved from being put down by Vet Ranch has made an amazing recovery from a condition so shocking, the before pictures are difficult to look at.

Krusty Kristy as the young dog became known, because of her condition when first arriving at the shelter, was scheduled to be put down and was covered in sores when she was found, and had virtually no coat of hair.

The puppy’s condition was so poor that she passed out after her first bath, and she was so timid she couldn’t stand being approached by people.

doggyVet Ranch

Now staff at the rescue centre say she has recovered well, and is a different dog, ‘bouncing around’ after only nine weeks at the shelter.

Given the speed she is growing at, staff at the ranch think she is a Great-Dane mix, with her black coat of fur now having grown back fully.