Homeless ‘Santa’ Sees Christmas Come Early After ‘Pay It Forward’ Facebook Post


Fernand Gautreau is a 64-year-old man living on the streets of Moncton.

As if that wasn’t hard enough for him, when he was sleeping outside, thieves took all his belongings, including his blanket, clothes, bicycle and Santa suit.

Gautreau has been living on the streets for three years, and after seeing his suit stolen, was devastated.

He said he liked to dress up in order to bring some joy to the kids and shared his story with Aleisha MacPherson, who then wrote about it on Facebook’s ‘Pay It Forward’ page.


The post was seen by Claude St. Coeur, who was out shopping with his girlfriend, and decided to do something to help.

St Coeur replaced the Santa outfit, bought him some new clothes and even delivered some wrapped presents to him at the House of Nazareth homeless shelter.


After the delivery, Gautreau said:

They say, ‘Mom, Santa Claus!’ And they start shaking, they’re so excited, he said. “I do it for them. And for me, yes, but for them.

After getting the new suit, he claimed it was a new start, and that he was taking things day by day.

After struggling with alcoholism for years, he now plans to detox – and try and beat his demons.