Homeowner Spots Enormous Python Attempting To Get In His House

by : Julia Banim on : 06 Aug 2018 15:27
Man finds snake trying to get into his home.Man finds snake trying to get into his home.MYGC.com.au

Of all the uninvited guests you would want to keep out of your house, a huge python has to be right up there.


However, this is exactly the cheeky visitor found by Gold Coast resident Robbie Knills at his home in Mudgeeraba.

Poor Robbie was hanging out his washing when he clocked the three-metre long predator, sneaking up the outside wall of his house like a creepy Peter Parker.

Robbie was shocked by the snake’s speed and climbing abilities. And the internet has done a collective shudder.

Check out the snake and his scaly antics below:


To make matters even scarier, the serpent had been slithering perilously close to the door Robbie had just walked through. Imagine the tail of this thing brushing against the top of your head…

Speaking with myGC, Robbie said:

I didn’t know they could climb houses like that – five minutes later and I would have got the scare of my life,

I am glad it was me hanging out the washing because the wife would probably never do it again if it was her.

He continued to explain how the creature had made itself quite at home in the shed:

He has lived in the rafters of the shed for about six months but with this warmer weather he has woken up a bit and decided to look for food.

I was looking after a butcher bird that had a broken wing and was feeding him but he has gone missing.

He is closer to three metres long when he’s stretched out and not all flexed-up.

Although this was undoubtedly a worrisome encounter, Robbie has grown quite fond of the pesky little fellow, who appears to be quite friendly:


I freaked out the first time I saw him but then after a while I got used to it.

He just hangs out. He comes out and sees me when I’m working in the shed.

I don’t trouble him and he doesn’t trouble me.

He added:

He was on the shed door once and wouldn’t get off so had to get him down and move him.

Normally when he is on the top of the garage door I can just poke him and he moves over so I can open it.

Massive snake climbs wall of houseMassive snake climbs wall of houseMYGC.com.au

People on social media have freaked out at the sight of the confident reptile getting its feet under the table (so to speak.)

One person gagged:

I would burn my house down. And all the neighbours just to make sure.

Another simply said:

Stuff that!


To be fair, I’ve had far less appealing housemates in my time. At least this chap is attempting to be sociable despite his spooky appearance.

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