Homer Simpson Goes Live And Immediately Trolls Fans


Last night saw The Simpsons break exciting new ground after 27 seasons with Homer going live to speak with fans.

As reported by E! News, Lisa introduced her donut loving father by immediately undermining the live concept. She said ‘It only took us 27 years to do what they could do in 1954.’

The show’s writers proved they remain some of the finest comedic minds on TV by immediately trolling viewers, having Homer announce the show was at an end…

The segment was achieved using motion capture technology.

The voice of Homer, Dan Castellaneta, was mic’d up in a studio with not only his voice being broadcast live but even the smallest movement of his body making it to screen.

With a string of callers giving him questions, Castellaneta’s improv skills were on point as he covered everything from the ‘terrible’ nature of hybrid cars to who he liked more, Lenny or Carl. He even had time to throw shade at Drake.

And if you cast your minds back to when Poochie was added to the Itchy & Scratchy show you may recall live animation was been on producers mind for some time.

So it was a long wait, but finally they got to feature a live segment without running the risk of carpal tunnel…