Honest Trailers Takes Brutal Shots At Infinite Warfare

by : Ewan Moore on : 14 Nov 2016 09:36


It seems a little cruel to throw shade at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. After all, right out of the gate the poor game was met with nothing but revulsion from the fanbase. 

As such, I’m not really a fan of kicking something when it’s down – but this new effort from the excellent Honest Trailers throws so much premium shade at the sci-fi shooter that I couldn’t help but be amused.


If you aren’t aware of what Honest Trailers is or does, it’s pretty self explanatory – it’s a spoof series of trailers that take aim at videogames, TV, and movies to deliver withering criticisms in the guise of hyping up the product. It’s pretty great.

At any rate, after having a pop at Battlefield 1, they decided it was only fair to level some mockery at Activision’s Infinite Warfare, and they do not disappoint.

From labelling it ‘an off-brand Halo‘ to suggesting that Titanfall 2 does certain gameplay elements much, much better (which it kind of does) no criticism is left unsaid.

Check it out below – but be aware of some genuinely major spoilers regarding the campaign.


I do have to say that Honest Trailer’s criticisms are all entirely fair and well reasoned, which is refreshing – if you’re gonna be down on something, at least know why, right?

Ewan Moore

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