Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Eight Minutes Of Breathtaking Footage


horizon-zero-dawn-screen-04-us-15jun15I know what we see at E3 is often far more polished and attractive than what we end up with on release – but it’s hard not to look at Horizon Zero Dawn and get swept up in how damn pretty it is. 

Set in a world that is both primitive and futuristic, Horizon Zero Dawn stars a hunter named Aloy who fights and hunts robotic creatures. It’s pretty crazy.

Sony first announced the game at last year’s E3, and developer Guerilla Games has been drip feeding us information ever since.

What we know so far is that Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG with a focus on varied and exciting combat. We can use a mixture of long range, close range, traps, and melee combat to take down enemies.

We’ll also be able to explore a fully open world with dynamic weather and a day/night system, as well as ride and battle a wide variety of robot beasts – check out the footage below.

Gah, it’s just so lovely looking. To be honest, even if it does suffer a downgrade before release, it’ll still be one of the best looking games out there.

Horizon Zero Dawn is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017.