Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Vs PS4 Pro Comparison

by : Ewan Moore on : 21 Feb 2017 11:18

There’s no denying that the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is a good looking game, but just how much better does it look on the PS4 Pro?


The ever-reliable Digital Foundry (Via Eurogamer) have taken a look at the open world critical darling, and it appears to be – by all accounts – a ‘technical masterpiece’.

Digital Foundry’s detailed video analysis (which you can watch below) notes that Horizon Zero Dawn was in many ways a major showcase title for the PS4 Pro.

Thankfully, it seems that on PS4 and PS4 Pro, the game runs at a locked, properly frame-paced 30fps – while infrequent drops were noted on both platforms, there are less to be seen on the Pro.


Also hailed is Horizon’s ‘excellent performance’ at checkerboard 4K which, when measured against the native 1080p of the base PS4 is praised as a ‘great achievement’.

Check out the excellent and informative video below:

It’s important to note that the game hasn’t actually released to the public yet, and Digital Foundry admits their report is incomplete until the ‘Day Zero’ patch introduces the option for Pro users to choose between the checkerboard 4K mode, or a new performance-orientated option.

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