Horrific Details From ISIS Manual About How To Conduct Berlin-Style Terror Attack


As the world comes to terms with yet another devastating act of terrorism, ISIS have claimed responsibility for the Berlin lorry attack which killed 12 people at the city’s Christmas markets.

The attack also injured 48 people. While the driver is reportedly still at large, the city of Berlin is still on high alert as those who have lost loved ones mourn.

After witnessing the horror of a similar attack in Nice, France, in July, it appears a pattern of terror is emerging: lone terrorists are now being encouraged by ISIS to use heavy vehicles to target crowds to ensure the highest number of fatalities possible.


Last month, ISIS released a sickening four-page manual advising potential terrorists to use lorries as weapons and hailing the Bastille Day attack in Nice as a ‘superb demonstration’ of achieving the highest death toll possible.

In the article, which is thought to have inspired the individual behind the Berlin attack, lorries were described as a tool capable of ‘smashing their bodies while crushing their heads, torsos and limbs’ and ‘leaving a trail of carnage’ in their wake.

The ‘idiot’s pre-attack checklist’ lists locations with ‘low security’ that attract large crowds, such as outdoor markets and political rallies, which were dubbed ‘excellent targets’ for causing ‘more devastation to Crusader nations’.


The manual reads like a sickening step-by-step guide to hate, slaughter and inhuman acts of futile destruction.

While ISIS continue to disseminate these disgusting materials, vulnerable people will continue to be brainwashed and the seemingly endless cycle of death will not cease.