Horrific Footage Shows What Russian Bombs Are Doing To Syrian Villages

Shahba Press Agency/YouTube

With the shocking terror attacks that have shook Paris to its core, many are forgetting about the daily ordeals Syrian families face in the west’s battle against Isis…

Those who question why hundreds of thousands of refugees would risk the deadly crossing to Greece and will continue to do so – braving the conditions with young family – this video may explain why.

Shahba Press Agency/YouTube

Syrian civilians face the risk of serious injury or death on a daily basis, with Russia and the west bombing Isis targets throughout the country. In this particular footage, Russian bombs are seen dropped on Syrian suburbs and it shows the harsh realities of how civilians deal with the damage.

The video, which is shot in first person, shows two large bombs go off and the aftermath is horrendous. After the first bomb, several young families and children are seen escaping the plumes of dust and smoke over the rubble that once were houses.

Shahba Press Agency/YouTube

Once a second bomb goes off, more heavy damage is done. The video pans to a young man who has been wounded by the blast and by-standers come to his aid.

Families are then seen escaping and fleeing their homes, which have been heavily damaged. Some people are even less fortunate, screaming in pain and trapped underneath the rubble. Fellow civilians frantically pull away at the concrete shards to free those who are trapped to no avail.

Shahba Press Agency/YouTube

The man – who is filming the shocking events which are unfolding – repeatedly shouts “Allahu akbar” or “God is great”, in hope and desperation that the brutal attacks will stop.

Seeing these innocent people being caught up in the deadly violence of war is an incredibly sad thing to witness, but the video – which was posted by Shahba Press Agency – has already been viewed by over 318,000 people online.

This is absolutely devastating.