Horrific ISIS Video Shows Young ‘British Boy’ Executing Prisoner



A young boy, who’s believed to be British, has been seen taking part in a horrific execution in a new propaganda video released by the so-called Islamic State. 

In the sickening clip, five boys wearing camouflage are standing in front of five prisoners, thought to be Kurdish fighters, dressed in orange jumpsuits.


The boy, who is believed to be aged between 10 and 12, shoots one of the prisoners kneeling in front of him, with the other four children doing the same.

Despite his identity remaining unknown, the propaganda video claims that his name is Abu Abdullah al-Britani, a war name used to indicate British jihadists.

As the age of criminality in the UK is 10, if the boy is British and is brought back to the UK, he could face murder charges.

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The Mirror reports that security services are now probing whether the boy carrying out the Daesh execution was the young son of punk-rocker-turned-jihadi Sally Jones.

The Kent mum-of-two fled to Syria to fight for the terror group in 2013, taking her son ‘Jojo’ with her and is believed to have renamed him ‘Hamza’.


He is thought to be among at least 50 British children living in areas taken over by the so-called Islamic State.

The European law enforcement agency said that the terror group is now grooming children to become the ‘next generation’ of terrorists, dubbing them as the ‘cubs of the Caliphate’.


This is in reaction to their current crop of soldiers being forced to retreat from major strongholds in both Iraq and Syria.