Horrific Story Of Step-Sibling ‘Lovers’ Who Murdered Their Parents

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 15.19.36Karen Klein and Leandro Acosta

A step-brother and sister who are reportedly in a relationship have admitted to murdering their parents before feeding their dismembered bodies to their dogs.

Leandro Acosta, 25, and Karen Klein, 22, from Argentina, allegedly shot and killed their mother and father for abusing their younger siblings.

However, the sickening details of the crime only came to light when Leandro confessed to eating part of his stepfather’s corpse.

0001972992The home in Pilar, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires

Police originally made the shocking discovery when they found parts of their mother’s pelvic bone in a bucket at their house in Pilar, Buenos Aires.

Reports say that the pair killed both Acosta’s mother, Miryam Kowalczuk, and Ricardo Klein, father of Karen, due to the abuse of their 11-year-old twin brother and sister.

According to Klein, Acosta shot her sleeping father and then his mother in the head as she walked through the door later in the day. They then reportedly dismembered the corpses and burned the parts of their bodies that were not fed to the dogs.

2CEFB86100000578-3254841-image-a-91_1443622041578Pilar is on the outskirts of the capital of Buenos Aires

According to defence lawyer, Monica Chirivin, Acosta feels no remorse for what he has done, and in fact feels “a state of relief for a burden he has felt from childhood.”

Chirivin said: “He told me that he ate a bit of the corpse. For him it was almost a pleasure.”

The investigation is still ongoing.