Horrifying Moment Bungee Jumper Dies Because Rope Is Too Long


Warning: Contains distressing content.


The horrifying last moments of a Brazlian man who bungee jumped from a railway bridge were captured on camera.

An error in the length of the cord meant 36-year-old Fábio Ezequiel de Moraes fell to a tragic death when he launched himself from 40 metres high.

The gut-wrenching video, recorded in São Paulo, Brazil by his wife, son and brother, cuts just prior to the tragedy.


The cord used to bungee jump was too long meaning the father went head first into the ground below.

Morae’s wife and six-year-old son were reportedly present at the time of the incident and the young boy was gearing up to jump with his dad before opting out last minute.


Police have seized the equipment and have begun a criminal investigation.

The owner could be charged with professional negligence for his miscalculation.