NOPE: Horrifying Moment Woman Has Centipede Removed From Her Ear

by : UNILAD on : 21 Sep 2015 16:59

This is the grim moment that one woman had a centipede removed from her ear after the bug crawled in while she was sleeping.

And we reckon we’ll never sleep again after watching this gruesome footage.


Having made itself quite comfortable in the woman’s warm and cosy ear canal while she was sleeping, the arthropod wasn’t budging on its own. So, the woman was forced to visit a doctor’s surgery in order to drag the creepy-crawly out.

In the stomach-churning clip, the small creature can be seen wandering around and it even briefly emerges from the ear, before scuttling back into its makeshift home.


The doctor then attempts to carefully extract the bug using tweezers. But, according to reports in local media, the medical staff were ultimately forced to kill the creature using a saline solution in order to remove it safely.


The unfortunate woman reportedly had the centipede removed at the Yangzhou hospital in the Jiangsu Province of China on September 17.

She suffered only minor injuries to her ear but the nightmares about this will probably last her a lifetime!

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    Gruesome moment woman has centipede removed from ear after it crawled in while she slept