Hospitalised Dad Sees Daughter For First Time, Has Priceless Reaction


For a parent, witnessing your child’s birth is one of the most precious moments you can experience.

Missing it can be devastating, but one guy made the best of a bad situation.

Posting to YouTube, user jaybrrd said his brother was teaching English in South Korea when – just a couple of days before Christmas – a drunk driver plowed through the school window, running him over, destroying the school and his wife’s cake shop next door.

“He suffered broken ribs, some internal organ injury, a broken thumb, and a big gash on his head,” jaybrrd said.

At the time, his wife was 9 months pregnant with their second child and scheduled for a C-section in two weeks. The baby came on January 1, but he was still in hospital.

Unable to be there for the birth of his daughter, his sister sent photos and videos while his brother captured his reaction.

As this man shows, there’s nothing more powerful than a parent’s love for his children.