How A Guy’s E-Cig Sparked A Ridiculous Terrorism Alert

Daily Record

A section of motorway was closed in Scotland and a bus evacuated amid fears a passenger was about to detonate a bomb.

Police were called out to deal with a passenger ‘acting suspiciously’ on the x77 bus from Glasgow to Ayr on Friday.

Chris Barron was the passenger in question, and he believes other travelers treated him suspiciously due to his dark skin and beard.

Chris, who is half-Mexican half-Scottish, was holding a bulky E-cigarette and when he began re-wicking it in full view of everyone else on the bus it sparked panic.

Chris said of the incident:

I realise we are living in a sensitive world but if someone had asked what I was doing with the E-cigarette we could have avoided this massive drama.

I was re-wicking the device and I had opened the bottle containing vanilla flavour. I wasn’t going to puff it. I had my earphones in and I could hear a woman saying she felt unwell and that there was a strange smell.

I was wondering if they might be talking to me but nobody said anything. The driver asked us all to get off the bus near Newton Mearns and we stood in the freezing cold and rain for at least 45 minutes while the police came and investigated.”

Officers arrived after the bus was evacuated and upon discovering it was just a vape product took no further action.

Calum McGregor raised the alarm on board and stands by his actions.

He said:

I alerted the driver of a possible bomb on board and asked him to quietly pull over and call the police.

It turned out that the passenger had been cleaning out a large E-cigarette device with no thought to what that looked like to others on the bus – resulting in a lot of concern and fear, passengers stuck outside for 40 mins off the motorway with no shelter in a storm, motorway closure and police time wasted.”

That is a long list of complaints from a man who instigated the whole affair. If I were Calum I’d be pleased the threat was handled seriously, and relieved that it was a false alarm. But there is no pleasing some people.

Chris did place on record that the police officers ‘were sound about the whole thing’.

If you have genuine suspicions of course you should raise them, but a bit of common sense wouldn’t hurt either.