How Many Of These Internet ‘Codewords’ Do You Know?


The Inbetweeners 2

This week, the UK government launched a new guide with the intentions of helping parents to better understand slang used by teenagers on the dreaded internet.

Obviously, their attempts to be the middle-man between the youth and their parents was widely mocked on twitter, but what I found even more concerning was that, when reading the story, I realised I also had no f*cking clue what these new codewords meant.

There were some I did know, which have been pretty big online recently, such as ‘Netflix and chill’ and classics like ASL and BRB – but the rest are mind-numbingly pointless and don’t even make any sense. What is happening to this planet?

All this latest ‘research’ has done is make me feel much older than I am, so here you go, join me in that very boat by taking the following quiz…