How Obama’s Presidency Created Donald Trump

by : Tom Percival on : 09 Nov 2016 17:08

All the way back in 2008 Barack Obama promised the U.S. ‘change’ but his failure to deliver on this meaningless slogan may have been what led to Trump’s ascension to the White House. 


According to Simon Heffer, a journalist for The Telegraph, when Obama was elected the U.S. was reeling from eight years of George W. Bush based buffoonery – our words not Simon’s – and desperate for a new politician.

Enter a young fresh faced Barack Obama who enchanted America with what Mr Heffer claims were empty, ‘vacuous’ promises which made it easy for the Illinois senator to trounce the crab-faced establishment figure John McCain and his hate-filled running mate Sarah Palin.


Unfortunately Obama’s promises turned out to be mostly hot air and The Telegraph accuse the president of failing those who elected him.


In his eight years in power they allege he failed to address poverty in his nation, was in leadership during a period of time when race relations hit an all time low and worst of all, for proud Americans, stopped intervening in foreign disputes, something critics see as a weakness.

In a rather damning attack Mr Heffer accuses Obama of failing to cure America of its problems and reducing the role of President to little more than ‘a spokesman for the bleeding heart and the bleeding obvious’.


So when Donald Trump, a business man with no experience in politics threw his ring into the hat and began to make waves by presenting a genuine alternative to the status quo people were excited.

In the words of Simon Heffer:

A great nation that is being forced to confront its global impotence is one for whom the bombastic Mr Trump holds inevitable appeal.

Whether Trump will be able to deliver on any of his ridiculous policies – I don’t see Mexico paying for that wall any time soon – only time will tell but it’s undeniable that Barack Obama is partly responsible for the rise of Trump.

Tom Percival

More of a concept than a journalist, Tom Percival was forged in the bowels of Salford University from which he emerged grasping a Masters in journalism. Since then his rise has been described by himself as ‘meteoric’ rising to the esteemed rank of Social Editor at UNILAD as well as working at the BBC, Manchester Evening News, and ITV. He credits his success to three core techniques, name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake.

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