How To Escape From Handcuffs Using A Coke Can

by : UNILAD on : 26 Nov 2016 16:46

Ever wondered if you were handcuffed, how you might get out of them with nothing but a can of coke to aid your rescue?


Well a crazy dude, appropriately named, the ‘Russian Hacker,’ shows you that the impossible, can be done if you follow his handy hacks.

In his new video, he demonstrates how you can bust out of a pair of locked handcuffs, with just an old can of drink.

*Disclaimer* A pair of scissors would be very handy in order to cut the can, but if you were desperate, you could probably use your teeth…


Simply by chopping up a piece of, what is essentially metal, flexible enough to bend into shape, the hacker suggests you can then jam it into the mechanism of the handcuffs to prize them open.


It’s as simple as that, so if you’re ever in a sticky situation and find yourself with your hands locked together – providing you’re not actually in custody – then try this little trick and you’ll be free in minutes.

Not commenting on any reasons why you might be handcuffed if you haven’t been arrested, but anyway, that’s none of my business…

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