How To Fix Pokémon Go’s Most Annoying Bug

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Pokémon Go has taken over the world, transforming everyone’s morning walk to work from a dull commute to an epic trek through the world of Kanto.

Unfortunately, the game has its fair share of glitches, although not beneficial ones like the rare candy cheat or Missingno. Instead, these are infuriating bugs that stop you from catching ’em all.

A common and super annoying problem is the game freezing just as you catch a pokémon, which causes you to lose the little pocket monster.


Thankfully though, there is a solution, Mic reports.

According to one Poké-fan on Twitter – if the game should freeze while you’re playing, all you have to do is ‘close the app completely’ then switch on airplane mode.

Then, when you restart the app and the screen says ‘No Internet Connectivity,’ switch airplane mode off.

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Hopefully, when you turn the app back on, the Pokémon you were in the middle of catching should be in your Poké bag.

Happy hunting Poké-maniacs!