Huffing Air Horn Gas Is The Newest, Stupidest, Deadly Drugs Craze

fucked upJosh Jones

For those who consider huffing paint fumes a bit too classy, there’s a new way to kill brain cells – and potentially even the user.

Air horn huffing, is the newest craze sweeping across the US. This weird new way to get high involves jamming an air horn in your mouth, pulling the trigger and inhaling the compressed gas.

huffingJosh Jones

One user described the effects:

Your head gets a little dizzy and then you start to hear sirens [No shit]. If you inhale too much, you fall down and then you go completely crazy.

Doctors say the short term effects of huffing, besides deafening yourself, are dizziness, slurred speech, rapid heartbeats and loss of coordination.

If that doesn’t put you off, watch this video to see quite how quickly it fucks him up.

As the video shows, breathing in the horns gas is capable of reducing a teenager to a zombie-like jellyfish in less than a minute, it’s clear that doctors aren’t exaggerating the dangers of this idiotic craze.

The long term effects of inhalant abuse can also include suffocation, brain damage, seizures, loss of consciousness and even death.