Huge Brawl Kicks Off At Royal Navy Rugby Match Versus France


This grudge match between the Royal Navy and France’s Marine Nationale could never have ended peacefully.

However I didn’t see it finishing like this…

With the match falling just days after France’s Six Nations loss to England at the weekend, this frenzied mass brawl almost spiralled into a full blown naval battle.

fightYouTube / ZACHAYUS1

Falling just after the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, it seems that to these two sides their history has not been forgotten.

It’s as if something violent is in the air, following the Scottish handbags on Saturday when they played against the triumphant Irish.

Some even argued that it was more of a fight than a game of rugby…

But back to the Navy punch up.

The game, which was played in the home of the mighty Toulon, looks almost choreographed. The fight is manically structured. Like a flash mob made up of fists and kicks instead of a mildly amusing dance in a Midlands shopping centre.

Oh, and you’ll never guess what this rival game is called? Le Crunch 2016.