Huge Fire Breaks Out At Fire Extinguisher Factory

Chicago Fire Department

It’s been three years since the greatest story on the Internet and a promising contender for the biggest mess up of the century!

Picture the scene. It’s 9pm in the Archer Heights neighbourhood of Chicago. West 38th Street is alight. 150 firefighters are tackling one of the biggest fires they’ve ever come across.

Chaos and panic are rife across the city of Chicago, but where was the site of the fire? Where are all the eyes of the city facing? Where are all fires are supposed to go to die. A fire extinguisher factory.

Yes, that’s right. A colossal fire of biblical or mythological proportion broke out in a fire extinguisher factory.

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To make matters even more apocalyptic, there was a mass water shortage in the area due to a lack of fire hydrants, so firefighters spent hours tackling the blaze, according to NBC Chicago.

Eventually they found a solution by connecting six fire engines together using hoses to transport water from a distant fire hydrant through all the fire engines along the way. Sort of like a Herculean hosepipe.

1st Deputy Fire Commissioner Charles Stewart, from the Chicago Fire Department, explained at the time:

We had one engine feed another engine to another engine until we got water on the fire.

And that’s it really. No injuries were reported and the fire was eventually put out.

But hey, what an ironically incredible story.