Huge Fire Ravages Tourist Hotspot In Ibiza


Wildfire is wreaking havoc in Ibiza at the minute forcing numerous beaches, restaurants, and hotels to be evacuated until the fire is under control.

Although it remains unknown what has caused the fire, videos posted to Twitter show just how monostrous and gargantuan the inferno really is with black smoke endlessly billowing into the sky.

One short clip shows a plane flying through the black smoke of the blaze and dropping water over the fire in an attempt to put it out. Others show helicopters dumping water over the fire too, reports The Ibizan.

Apparently there are three aircrafts, three helicopters, two fire engines, and environmental agents and technicians all working together to put the blaze out.

There have been reports of explosions on the island, however this is likely due to the fire coming across gas cannisters, forcing them to explode.

Unconfirmed reports also claim that a hotel has been set ablaze by the wildfire…

The fire began in Port des Torrent in San Jose and firefighters (both on the ground and in the air) and other emergency services are currently doing all they can to keep it under control.

According to locals, the inferno began at 3:20pm local time (2:20 BST) and windy conditions helped spread the fire quickly across the region.

No injuries have been confirmed as of yet so fingers crossed nobody has been caught up in this evidently horrendous blaze.

More to follow