Huge Nazi Stash Found In Secret Room In Argentina


A huge stash of Nazi memorabilia has been discovered in a secret room in Argentina.

Police officers found the Third Reich collection in a hidden treasure room. They are believed to have been brought into the country by fugitive Germans.

Among the 75 items found in Buenos Aires was a bust of Adolf Hitler himself.

Federal police commissioner for the protection of cultural heritage, Marcelo El Haibe, said:

After investigating we were able to discover those objects were hidden behind a bookcase. Behind the bookcase there was a wall, and after that a door.


Police said the objects would have likely belonged to high-ranking members of the Nazi Party.

Perhaps more fucked up than anything is the toys and musical instrument they seized with Nazi imagery over them, designed to indoctrinate young children.


El Haibe added:

There are Nazi objects used by kids, but with the party’s propaganda. There were jigsaw puzzles and little wood pieces to build houses, but they always featured party-related images and symbols.

The investigation is part of a wider search into artwork of suspicious origin.