Huge Rat Caught On Camera As It Scuttles Through Tesco

taylor glover swns 2Taylor Glover/SWNS

Tesco have really gone out of their way to target the massive rat market, apparently.

A shopper captured a video of an eight-inch rat roaming the aisles of a Tesco Extra store in Brookfield, Hertfordshire. The clip shows the rodent become startled and hide under some boxes – surprisingly not seen heading to the cheese aisle at any point.

Taylor Glover, who filmed the incident, said:

It’s shocking. With Tesco being such a large company you would have thought they would keep the place clean and keep out rats.

I went with some friends to Tesco on Sunday evening, and because it was closed we sat on a bench outside.

We saw a rat running around inside the store, running up and down between the crates.

It was at least eight inches long, it wasn’t small.

Bosses said an investigation is underway, and pest control measures have been put in place.

‘Every Little Helps’ – it seems even rats have to watch the pennies in the current economic climate.