Huge Sinkhole Consumes Cars Outside Hospital In Naples

by : Daniel Richardson on : 08 Jan 2021 15:00
Huge Sinkhole Consumes Cars Outside Hospital In NaplesPA Images

A giant sinkhole opened up a hospital car park in Italy, and it has led to the temporary closure of a residence for patients recovered from COVID-19.

The huge hole opened up underneath the parking area outside the Hospital of the Sea in Naples; fortunately, no one appears to be injured by the incident.


The Hospital of the Sea lost its source of electricity but fortunately had a backup generator that meant it could operate as normal, according to news reports, the COVID residence will reopen within a few days.

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The sinkhole was sizable, with the local hospital district saying it was 2,000 sq metres (21,527 sq ft). It has also been noted that the sinkhole was around 20 metres deep. Whlie no one was injured by the event, some cars did fall into the deep hole. In these instances, there will probably be an insurance claim as well as an attempt to get a refunded parking ticket.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the incident. At first, it was believed that the noise of an above-ground explosion may have caused the sinkhole to appear, but further investigation by the authorities revealed that the sound had come from beneath the surface.


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The chief firefighting officer at the scene, Ennio Aquilino, explained to the Italian broadcaster SkyTG 24 that the implosion may have been caused by an excess of underground water, which had been caused by recent heavy rain. This wouldn’t be too unusual, as most sinkholes are created through water being stored underground and eroding the earth.

Search and rescue workers with sniffer dogs were deployed to the area to make sure no one was trapped beneath the rubble, ABC News reports.

While this is a theory that would make sense, at the moment the exact cause is yet to be identified and further investigations will be conducted before the car park is restored.

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The Hospital of the Sea continues operations normally, and the regional government has claimed that the COVID-19 residence will be functioning as intended in the coming days once electricity and water services are restored.

The sounds of an explosion will have undoubtedly unsettled people nearby, but many will be grateful that the sinkhole was not closer to the hospital and that no one had had their health impacted by the event. Let’s hope the source of the sinkhole is uncovered quickly so the hospital can continue to operate safely.

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