Huge Snake Casually Sets Up Home In Petrol Pump



Motorists who wanted to fill their cars up saw Halloween come early.

They got one almighty shock after pulling up to a Shell petrol station in Sydney, and seeing a huge snake, who had made one of the pumps his home.

Said snake had blended its body into the pump, and its head was clearly visible to anyone who approached the petrol pump.


The petrol station decided that placing an orange cone by the snake was the best way to deter people from using the pump.

Because that makes perfect sense.


One customer, Adzy Heist, spoke to the MailOnline, and said:

While I was inside getting coffee I saw other people pull up and do the same thing – they could have arranged it better.

Personally, I’d rather risk running out of petrol than having to navigate around the snake to use the pump.