Huge Wildfires Sweep Across Zante As Greece Declares State Of Emergency

Facebook/Lynn Roberts

Party-goers on the Greek island of Zante are being subject to more heat than normal after a string of wildfires.

Greek authorities declared a state of emergency on the party island as the dry land continued to go up in flames.

The fire service has confirmed that the fires are not threatening homes or resorts on the island, so tourists are safe at the moment.

Facebook/Lynn Roberts

The fires are burning on 12 fronts, and are said to have been caused by ‘an organised campaign of arson’.

A statement from the office of Zakynthos Mayor Pavlos Kolokotsas said that the fire was likely to have been deliberate.

Organised arson has taken place near populated areas in Greece in association with illegal development, particularly around Athens and popular holiday resorts.

Popular tourist spot Kefalonia has also been hit by fires, while north of Athens in Varnava, two planes and five helicopters are fighting a fire which has damaged at least 20 homes and forced the evacuation of a number of holiday sites.