Hugh Hefner Left Something Very Special Behind For His Wife


Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has reportedly left his wife well cared for following his death earlier this week. 

According to people in the know (TMZ of course) Hef left his wife Crystal Harris a small fortune and her very own mansion in the Hollywood hills.

The 5,900 square foot house is being held in a trust controlled by Crystal Harris and has four bedrooms, five baths  and even one of those fancy infinity pools.

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Even better sources who know Hefner’s estate claim he also left Crystal $5 million.

Apparently the deal is part of a prenup Crystal and Hefner signed before they married in 2012.

It had been reported that Crystal was set to inherit nothing following Hef’s death because of an ironclad prenup that means she was never added to his will.

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Instead it was reported that his estimated $43 million estate was to be divided between his four children, the University of Southern California and a list of charities he supported.

Hef died of natural causes at the age of 91 on Wednesday night.