Hugh Jackman Just Dropped Devastating ‘Deadpool’ News

Hugh Jackman20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman has revealed what many fans will think of as a major middle claw to those who wish to see him go toe-to-toe with Deadpool.

I think it was everyone’s secret hope to see Jackman’s Wolverine fight his way through a bunch of nameless villains as Deadpool made meta comments about his time in Les Miserables.

But in a conversation with Huffington Post, Jackman revealed that this ain’t gonna go down.

Hugh Jackman20th Century Fox

He said:

It’s sort of out of my hands because I’m an actor who’s played Wolverine. I’m out.

Logan director James Mangold did not rule out the possibility of another actor taking up the cigar-smoking mantle, saying that the studio would want to pull this together.

I mean it does make sense, aside from Deadpool and Wolverine, Fox don’t have many bankable standalone characters.

Hugh Jackman20th Century Fox

The X-Men films are all over the place in terms of quality and actors and it adds up that the studio would want to double down on their two most popular properties.

Mangold put the final nail in the coffin when he said: 

The reality for me is I’ve made two Wolverine movies in a row, so you’re talking to a guy who’s actually ready to direct Hugh Jackman in something else.

Hugh Jackman20th Century Fox

It had previously been discussed whether there was a possibility of Wolverine turning up in an Avenger’s film, with Jackman saying that would be the only reason he would reprise the role.

However, with contracting issues between Marvel and Fox, it is pretty much certain that it won’t happen.

A bit of speculation here, but I kind of don’t want any of these things to happen because then Fox will flounder around trying to make a decent Wolverine film without Jackman before eventually handing back the rights to Marvel (at least partially like Spidey).

Hugh JackmanMarvel

That would then give Marvel the chance to reinvent the character and invest him into the MCU in a different way. Whereas I bet Fox will try and go as similar to Hugh as possible.

Plus, bringing back Hugh Jackman would completely undermine the perfect ending to Logan, which is as close to a perfect Wolverine film as it is possible to get.