Hugh Jackman Reveals Who’d Win In A Bare Knuckle Fight With Ryan Reynolds

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After years of teasing, led mostly by Ryan Reynolds since landing Deadpool, fans have been encouraged to get excited about a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 2: Back In The Pool.

But yesterday, the whole world could collectively hear Reynold’s heart breaking as Hugh Jackman revealed to UNILAD Film he will not be starring alongside the 40-year-old to create some comedic carnage.

Considering Jackman said the Deadpool star was going to extreme lengths to have him as a cameo in the film – like camping outside his house – it wouldn’t be all too surprising if Reynolds was a bit peeved over Wolverine’s decision to hang up his bladed knuckles for good.

So peeved, in fact, that he’d want to bare-knuckle fight Jackman.

Luckily for us, the Logan actor has revealed who’d win if it ever did go down between the two of them.

Speaking to UNILAD Film in a Facebook live stream, Jackman said psychically, they’re both pretty evenly matched: “We both have got good reach, we’re both tall.”


But the 48-year-old’s weakness? Laughter.

Jackman said of Reynolds:

He is about the funniest man I know. And you know, there’s a lot of people who are funny on screen, but you know, quite serious in life, I literally cry tears every time. And we know each other really well, we hang out.

I think I would laugh. I just think I would find it really difficult to have a serious fight with him. He’d punch me, I’d get pissed off, and then when I punch him he’d say something funny and I’d just laugh.

Watch the full thing here:

With all that laughter, Jackman added: “I don’t know if we’d get a result.”

Sounds like the result may be defeated by a fit of the giggles. Does that mean it’s Ryan 1: Hugh 0? Unless of course Reynolds makes himself laugh, then it may well be a draw.

No matter the outcome though, it seems set in stone that everyone’s favourite genetic anomaly will not be joining the Merc with the Mouth in Deadpool 2.

Jackman has played Wolverine for 17 years. Speaking fondly of the franchise, he said: “It’s part of me and it’s part of my life… I feel like this is finally the best version of the character and it’s taken me 17 years to get there.”

Jackman added:

But I knew two years ago that it was time for me to leave the party – I think it’s a very good skill to know when to leave the party… Undoubtedly the best party of my life.

I love this character so much, and the fans.

Logan will be released in UK cinemas on March 1 2017.

American audiences can see Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine two days later.