Hugh Jackman ‘Very Confident’ Greatest Showman Musical Will Happen

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Before A Star Is Born and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again hit our screens this year, there was only one musical the world was talking about – The Greatest Showman.

While admittedly I thought the music was the only good thing about the film, which overall was very dull, I appreciate a lot of people loved it.

So much so the film topped the box office for weeks on end with the soundtrack doing the same in the official charts.

Considering The Greatest Showman is indeed a musical, it wasn’t long until the rumour mill started running as fans began calling for a live stage version.

Financially it would make complete sense as it would have an already guaranteed audience with fans of the movie rushing to see it.

Also it would be a no brainer creatively as surely the greatest show would truly come alive on the stage, just like it did in the film.

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Well your dreams may just come true as PT Barnum actor Hugh Jackman has offered a promising update on the live version’s development.

Confirming discussions are indeed happening, Jackman told Deadline he is ‘very confident’ a stage show will happen once the team decide what route to go down.

He explained:

There’s a bunch of talk. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve heard four different possibilities. I’m involved but not in charge, if that makes sense.

So I think that the people who are in charge are kind of just working through the four options. I’ve heard at least four options, from a big arena spectacular, to a more traditional West End or Broadway show, to something in Vegas, to something in a circus tent. I’ve heard lots of different things.

Jackman continued:

What I do know is, from doing the workshops which you can see online, it really works in the room. With no spectacle, with no costumes, those songs really work. When Keala Settle sings This is Me, I’m telling you, there’s not a dry eye in the house.

Jim Gianopulos leapt from his chair, ran across the room—mid-performance—and hugged her and said, ‘You just booked your first motion picture’. It really works. So I feel very confident that a live version will come together.

As the Barnum character indeed says, ‘ladies and gents, this is the moment you have been waiting for’.

the greatest showman20th Century Fox

Of course Jackman saying ‘I feel very confident that a live version will come together’ isn’t a confirmation of the news but it sounds like we are close to getting one.

In fact the confirmation fans very much need may be coming this Thursday (November 29) as Jackman tweeted ‘see you this Thursday on The Today Show for an exclusive announcement’.

Since the actor has already said he is involved in the plans for a live version, although we don’t know in what capacity, it would make sense for him to make an announcement.

Suppose we will just have to wait and see…

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