Human Puppy Trainer Specialises In Transforming People Into Dogs

by : Emily Brown on : 17 Jul 2020 17:14
Human Puppy Trainer Specialises In Transforming People Into DogsJam Press

A man who specialises in teaching people to be human ‘puppies’ says his training sessions give him the ‘same sensation as 10 orgasms’. 

When he’s not working as a marketing specialist, Rafael, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, practises his love for BDSM by teaching men how to walk, talk and act like a ‘dog’.


The 31-year-old was introduced to the BDSM subculture of ‘puppy play’ about four years ago, when he came across someone on his journalism university course who was making a documentary on the subject.

Human dog trainer with pack of 'dogs'Jam Press

Around the same time, the film Fifty Shades of Grey was ‘getting famous’ in Brazil, and after the end of a long term relationship left him feeling ‘weird’ and ‘insecure’, Rafael started ‘practising things [he had] never imagined’.

The human dog trainer said BDSM gave him back his self-esteem and confidence and changed almost every aspect of his life. He started out by taking on the role of a ‘dog’, but soon gravitated to the more domineering role of trainer as he found he disliked being submissive.


Rafael explained:

The submissive follows orders because they feel the dominator is superior; the dog follows orders because they want to make their owners happy and want their company.

Human dog trainer with 'dog'Jam Press

Since becoming a trainer, Rafael has trained at least 20 men to ‘become dogs’, as well as ‘giving birth’ to ‘at least six puppies that discovered their love of dog play and got their own masks and outfits to join the community’.


Discussing the process of training a ‘dog’, Rafael said:

I always start with a social conversation to find out more about the dog I will be training’s boundaries. When I am about to start the session, I ask for the guy to take his clothes off (except for his underwear) and I ask him to go on his knees, with a mask on his eyes and I put him in handcuffs.

I leave him alone for ten minutes. That makes him nervous, it is nice and allows me time to dress in my leather clothes. Then I dress the guy as a dog. I put knee pads on him, biker gloves, a collar with a leash and a mask, usually he cannot see.

Before taking off the mask, I put a mirror in front of the guy and then when I take the mask off the dog sees his transformation and usually gets very emotional.

Human dog trainer with 'dog'Jam Press

Once they’ve got the right gear, Rafael sets about teaching his human dogs how to walk, sit, bark and follow orders, all the while giving them ‘affection’. According to the trainer, it takes about five sessions to become a ‘fully initiated dog.’


Though BDSM is typically sexual, Rafael stressed that this isn’t always the case with puppy play.

He commented:

When the session is more advanced, I put the mouthpiece in, which is a little hard for the guy to get used to at first and then I clip on the tail but this is only for guys who like things to be more erotic.

In 70% of my sessions, there is nothing sexual. I don’t know how to explain it but I can have a full session without putting my genitals out of the underwear and, when it finishes, I’m feeling the same sensation as 10 orgasms.

You can have dog play with or without the sex part, and both are okay.

Human dog trainer holding whipJam Press

Rafael recalled one occasion when the man he was training was bigger than him, making it difficult for the pair to stay in character as dominant and submissive. The ‘dog’ was a personal trainer and wanted to create a pack of ‘human dogs’, but when it came time for his training Rafael struggled to move his body in order to dress him.

The 31-year-old explained:

I wasn’t able to move his body or fix the mask, and we started to laugh… It was not a session anymore, it was a brothers’ moment and we then made great progress.

He is a good dog, and up to this day we have a good relationship. He has his pack and his boyfriend but when we meet at parties, he always comes to find me and calls me ‘dad.’ He’ll even sit down in front of me as a dog.

Human dog trainer RafaelJam Press

As an advocate for the community, Rafael has organised numerous events throughout Brazil, including the first ‘Mr Puppy Brazil’. The winner of the competition then went on to win the International Geared Up Pup competition, becoming the first Brazilian to win one of the international contests.

Rafael commented:

I want to see more and more dogs appearing. We have the biggest Gay Parade in the world, and we have a fetish area there. I want to see a puppy area!

In the parade, I’m the only guy handling a dog. I hope to see more dogs and trainers when we hold the events in the future.

Human dog trainer Rafael holding dog maskJam Press

The trainer explained that puppy play is ‘part of [his] life now’, and though he’s tried he’s unable to live a ‘vanilla’ life again. Rafael stressed that even if his future partner was not into the kink, he would still require a ‘human dog’ to keep him company.

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