Hundreds Of ISIS Members Quit Terrorist Group After Their Wages Are Cut


It appears ISIS have unwittingly revealed the key to their downfall – slashing their wages.

Reports suggest that hundreds of Islamic State terrorists have deserted the group after their pay was suddenly reduced from £260 per month to a mere £65.

At least 200 disillusioned ISIS gunmen have quit and are retreating from northern Iraq in search of better pay from other extremists in Syria.

The cutbacks have come because the group have had serious issues accessing their multi-billion pound war chest (made via extortion, bank robberies, stolen oil, people-smuggling and more) due to coalition air-strikes in Iraq and Syria.


Accountants for the terrorist group have been forced to reduce cash convoys between war zones because they’re worried about the drone attacks.

Speaking to the Mirror, a source in Baghdad said:

Fighters have left recently as the money which was once lavished on them has become increasingly less reliable. Some are unhappy with their prospects.

Until recently Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Islamic State army had a reputation for being the wealthiest jihadist group in the world, paying far more than the likes of al-Qaeda, but it looks like they’ve now run into problems.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for the group!