Hundreds Of Yellow Cars Swamp Village After Pensioner’s Gets Vandalised


A village has been given a splash of colour by dozens of yellow cars that drove through it to support a local pensioner.

84-year-old Peter Maddox, 84, was targeted by vandals in his home village of Bibury because he had the audacity to own a yellow Vauxhall Corsa.

According to ITV News people who visited Bibury claimed that it ruined their view of the village which somehow led to vandals thinking it was a clever idea to damage his car.


Vandals scratched the word ‘move’ scratched into the paintwork, causing £6,000 worth of damage and prompting Peter to replace his sunshine yellow car for a grey one.

Outraged at the attack Peter’s fellow villagers have rallied round him in support and organised a convoy of yellow cars to drive through the village in a show of solidarity.

The protest involved close to 100 vehicles and the event was such a success that there’s already talk of making it an annual event ITV reports.


Cars weren’t the only ones that turned out in support of Peter, villagers dressed in yellow putting on bright waders and even banana costumes.

In other great news Vauxhall claimed that it would name their yellow colour in honour of Peter, renaming the bright colour Maddox Yellow.


Vauxhall said:

When we heard Peter’s story we were inspired at the way it captured the heart of the public.

We wanted to show our support for Peter, which is why we’re renaming our yellow shade to Maddox Yellow.

Even better though Mr Maddox was delighted with the parade, which makes this all worth it!