Hundreds Sign Petition To Bring Back Teacher Who Used N-Word In Class


After a teacher in Virginia was placed on leave because she used the N-word during a history lesson, nearly 700 people have signed an online petition for her to be reinstated.

The Heritage High School teacher used the word while explaining to a student why a term for Native Americans might be deemed offensive.

She told WTKR a student asked her, “What’s the big deal with calling them Redskins?” in reference to the Washington Redskins American football team.

The teacher responded that it was inappropriate to use prejudicial and stereotypical names about any racial group, stating, “What would you think if someone started a team called the Newport News N*****s?”


The suspended teacher is currently under investigation by the school and she’ll remain at home until their enquiries are complete.

The author of the petition, however, believes she should be reinstated sooner rather than later, writing:

She is a history teacher, she cannot be censored for teaching terms and beliefs that people had throughout history.

And, given the context in which she used the word, we would be surprised if the teacher of 40 years doesn’t come back to work soon.