Hunted Albino Kids From Tanzania Find Happy New Life In New York

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Five albino children who suffered a hellish experience while living in Tanzania have found a new life in New York City.

Emmanuel Rutema, Kabula Masanja, Pendo Noni, Baraka Lusambo and Mwigulu Magesa were hunted for their body parts. In parts of Africa, limbs of people with albinism hold a high price tag.

Their home was broken into, and their limbs dismembered by men who hoped to sell them to witch doctors for potions.

Albino Children ProstheticsAP

Now, the kids have been fitted with prosthetic limbs, after the Global Medical Relief Fund, and its founder Elissa Montanti, saved them and took them to the US.

They were taken to Staten Island, where the charity is based, and will return to Tanzania, being placed in safe houses, when they are properly able to use their new limbs.

Albino Children ProstheticsAP
Albino Children ProstheticsAP

The kids range in age from five to 17, and have been in the USA since June, experiencing a very different from life the one they had previously endured.

Since arriving in the country, they have been taken swimming, had birthday parties, and most vitally, been safe.