Hunter Dies After Friend ‘Mistook Him For Boar’ And Shot Him Through Heart

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A man has died after being shot through his heart by a friend who allegedly mistook him for a boar during a group hunt.

Reports say, 31-year-old Victor Dinca, who had a two-month-old baby, was out hunting with seven of his friends in a forest in Dambovita, southern Romania when the incident occurred.

It’s believed that Dinca was preying on a wild boar when another hunter shot him in the heart just 98 feet away from him. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene he was already dead.


Authorities investigating his death discovered he was shot by a 12mm caliber rifle owned legally by the suspected shooter, it has also been stated the hunt Victor and his group friends were on was not illegal.

It is understood the suspect questioned is the 41-year-old godson of Victor’s father, who reportedly told police he thought he had shot a boar.

Before his untimely death, Victor was working as an accountant for a private university in Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. He and his wife had also been preparing for the baptism of their two-month-old baby girl in January.

Posted by Dinca Victor on Wednesday, 16 August 2017

He had returned to his a hometown of Ludesti, a small village with a population of about 5,100 people and where his father is the mayor, for the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve morning Victor and his friends went hunting for wild boars, which he never returned from.

While little sympathy will be found amongst animal rights groups and activists, his death has nonetheless left his friends and family devastated.

On social media an acquaintance of Victor’s, Roxana Patran, wrote:

May God rest your kind soul, Victor! You’re now an angel for your little baby girl!

Posted by Dinca Victor on Thursday, 17 July 2014

Despite modern society frowning upon the idea of hunting for sport it hasn’t stopped the rich and wealthy partaking in the cruel hobby. In fact, you could argue for all the international sanctions and campaigns against hunting those with the money and connections still find a way to do it.

In October of this year 62-year-old Regis Lavasseur, who was hunting in France’s Compiegne forest died after a deer charged at him and gored him with its antlers.

According to The Local, police say Lavasseur ‘was charged and pierced by a deer which stabbed him with his antlers’.

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He died from his injuries, which resulted in severe internal bleeding, before the emergency services could arrive.

In another incident, similar to Victor Dinca’s, a hunt in western France went wrong after a grandfather shot dead his own grandson by mistake. In September, a woman was killed after a bullet from a hunter passed through the hedge in her garden.

Last month high-stakes poker player and Instagram ‘savant’ Daniel Bilzerian labeled those who hunt for fun are ‘dudes with small dicks‘. Despite admitting hunting himself his philosophy is you should ‘#EatWhatYouKill’.