Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Cement As Revenge For Bizarre Name Change


Is this guy a hero, a madman, or just a straight up prick? I guess that’s up to you.

So the story goes that this bloke found out his wife had changed her name to that of a supermarket. Weird, I know.

What did he do about it? Instead of opting for the classic, ‘can we have a chat?’, this peculiarly angry man went for the more outlandish option of filling his wife’s car up with wet cement.

And of course, the entire thing was captured on camera in Russia’s St Petersburg.

Apparently, the enraged husband had been going through a rough patch with his wife (who would’ve fucking thought?) and was simply driven over the edge when she changed her name to Veniy (Loyal) to make some dollar.

Rumour has it that the supermarket will rather happily pay out 50,000 (£703) rubles to any customers who legally change their surname to Veniy.

As you can probably gather, the husband of Mrs. Veniy was not happy in the slightest so thus decided to fill her car up with concrete when he saw the opportunity come his way.


When he spotted a concrete mixing lorry fittingly next to his wife’s car, he told the driver of the truck where to put the chute before unloading the murky mixture and stuffing her automobile full.

Was it worth a destroyed car and name change just for £700 a month? Who knows, but a relationship with this kind of vengeful point scoring certainly doesn’t seem healthy…