Husband Responds To Wife’s Viral Wedding Dress Ebay Advert


Last week, a woman put her wedding dress on eBay to fund her divorce, and as you may remember, it went pretty viral.

Blogger Samantha Wragg, from Chesterfield, put the gown up for a starting price of £500 – which is a pretty good bargain. But it’s the description that caught everyone’s attention.

She wrote: “Great condition but needs dry cleaning before wearing to get rid of the stench of betrayal,” and went on to apologise for only having two pictures of the dress as she burnt the rest as soon as she found out her husband was living with another woman, which seems pretty fair under the circumstances.

She added that, after cheating on her, her ex had left her to foot the entire divorce bill.


And it looks like someone had a shit ton of sympathy and cash to spare, because the gown went for a whopping £65,900 according to the Sun. Yup, £65,900.

I don’t know how much a divorce costs these days, but I’d be pretty fucking surprised if it cost that much.

Since the dress went viral, Wragg has been branded a ‘hero’ among women. And unsurprisingly, her story’s been everywhere – apparently even reaching as far as Majorca, Spain, where her soon-to-be-ex husband is currently living.

And he has his own response to the whole thing:

Wragg’s ex, Ross Partridge, posted the video to set the record straight, it seems. And while Wragg claims she was left with paying for the divorce herself, Partridge claims it was a misunderstanding and he was ‘more than happy’ to pay half.

Addressing the cameras, and his wife, Ross said:

This last week you may have seen an article circulating the internet with regards to a wedding dress being sold on eBay to fund a divorce.

Starting from the top, yep me and Samantha separated in January. This is due to the fact that I fell in love with another woman.


He added that Wragg deserves ‘all the happiness in the world’ because she is a ‘truly an amazing, amazing woman’.

According to Partridge’s Twitter feed, he’s not dealing with it all very well:

Well, you can’t really expect great things to happen when you cheat on someone…

But he’s come up with a solution:

Now we just need a response to that response from Wragg…