Husband Shocked To See ‘Dead’ Wife On TV, Two Years After She Died


A husband got the absolute shock of his life when his dead wife appeared – alive – on a popular TV show. 

Abragh Mohamed believed he had buried his wife after she was thought to have been killed in a car crash over two years ago, reports The Mirror.

After the accident, doctors in a Casablanca hospital told him they had been unable to save his wife from her ‘serious’ injuries.


So you can imagine his disbelief when she turned up on Moroccan TV show Al Mujtafun (Desaparecidos) that reconnects loved ones who have lost contact with each other.

According to local sources Abragh’s friends recognised his ‘dead’ wife when she phoned in to the show saying she had lost contact with her husband, so they immediately phoned him to break the unbelievable news.

He told El Nuevo Dia:

I did not know it was a different body that we buried and my wife was still alive.

Unsurprisingly, questions are now being asked about how exactly the bizarre situation happened in the first place and what had been going on for the last two years.

Apparently, following the accident, Abragh was told by doctors that his wife probably wouldn’t survive – but they needed the bill to be paid anyway.

The Azilal Mountains/Wikimedia

The stricken man travelled the four hours back to his remote home in the Azilal mountains but when he returned to the hospital was told his wife had died.

He reportedly received what he thought was her body – wrapped in a shroud and already in a coffin – which he took back for her burial.

As for what she’s been up to for the last two years – no one seems to know, although The Inquisitr reports that the family are ‘looking into it’.

It seems like one royal fuck up from the hospital to be honest.