Husband’s List Of Requests To Guy Sh*gging His Wife Is Hilarious

by : UNILAD on : 04 Nov 2016 00:23

Most men would be furious at the thought of another man getting it on with their wife, but not this guy… An anonymous husband has written a hilarious open letter to the guy who’s shagging his other half.


The surprisingly light-hearted letter, titled To The Man Doing My Wife, was posted to Craigslist and included a number of, to be fair, pretty reasonable gripes.

Instead of throwing around insults or threats, the husband just had a few requests for his wife’s bit on the side.


His politely requested that the guy put the toilet seat down as he keeps getting blamed for it, to stop drinking all of the beer in the fridge when he’s away – or at least to buy some more or leave a bit of money if he does.


He also wrote: 

Please replace the toilet paper when you use it all. For some reason my 5-year-old son believes if it’s not there he does not have to wipe. We keep it under the sink, unless you can recommend a better spot?

He also requested that the interloper use something other than his clothes to ‘wipe off with’.


He wrote:

After doing my wife please use something disposable to wipe off with. The basket of clothes on the right is mine and the clothes are clean as my wife does not do my washing, I run out of time rushing to work. Last week my sweatshirt was crusty (thanks).

Various other requests followed, but in the end he also wanted to thank his rival for taking his wife to lunch on Valentine’s Day – meaning she wasn’t hungry on their date and he was able to save some money.


The awesomely chilled husband had one more gem, concluding: 

P.S. I’m going to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge on the 3rd of April for four days, I have a bottle of vodka above the fridge if you find yourself low on beer.

You can read the entire letter here. Please do.

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