Ian Huntley ‘Proved He Was Guilty’ By Using Three Words

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jul 2017 17:34

Child killer Ian Huntley apparently proved himself guilty by saying just three words.


A new documentary shows footage of Huntley being interviewed before he was convicted of murdering schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham, Cambridgeshire back in 2002.

The school caretaker addressed the media several times, calling for the girls’ safe return despite the fact he had already killed them.

After being found out, Huntley was sentenced to life imprisonment.


Forensic psychologists and criminal experts have now analysed footage to show how Huntley proved himself guilty unknowingly.

Asked at one point whether he’d ever had any physical contact with Holly and Jessica, he replied: ‘Physical contact? No.’

Body language expert Cliff Lansley revealed:

There are multiple things wrong. He has clamped his hands. He is rubbing and manipulating his fingers to try and comfort himself.

And his shoulder is raising slightly on the right-hand side.

Then when he says ‘no’, the volume of no comes down fifty percent and he synchronises his head one to two seconds afterwards.

So, there are seven, eight indicators of deception here when he is using just three words.

Faking: Tears of a Crime starts on Friday at 10pm on Investigation Discovery.

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